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East Fife Fife Football Club would like to encourage supporters to bring flags, and banners to help create a vibrant atmosphere at the stadium.

We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the match safely and without obstructed views and therefore have set out the following guidelines for all flags and banners brought into the stadium.

We welcome fans to bring hand-held flags on rounded plastic poles. Any large flags or banners (over 1 metre x 1 metre) must be flame retardant and have a fire safety certificate to prove so. Providing this in advance of match day will help speed up pre-entry checks on admission to the stadium.

Larger waving flags on a pole can be used prior to kick off only and a designated person is requested to collect the flag and ensure it is stored appropriately during the game. Staff at the club may be able to help with this if contacted in advance.

Supporters are asked to liaise with the stand stewards (or contact the Club in advance) if they wish to place a flag/banner in a sterile area of the stadium (e.g. seats in an unused block) if available. The stewards will help ensure the flag/banner does not block advertising, signage, exit routes, restrict the view of other supporters or in any way compromise the safe operation of the stadium. The supporter must ensure the flag/banner is securely fastened throughout the match.

East Fife Football Club reserve the right to refuse the entry of, or displaying flags or banners on the basis of safety or content of the flag/banner.

Whilst the Stadium Safety Officer endeavours to take good care of banners/flags that are brought into the stadium, it accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur at any time.

To reduce delays on the match day, supporters wishing to bring a large flag/banner to a fixture for the first time at the stadium can contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01333 426323 to check they meet the entry requirements.